IHW Digital Health Awards Categories

Public Health Solutions

Digital Healthcare Project

This category is for public healthcare projects, applying digital technology with outstanding scalable outcomes and contribution. The project should have created substantial impact and credibility among the masses, by proper utilization of digital technology.

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Digital Healthcare Technology Solution

This category is broadly designed for a digital healthcare technology application and framework which include Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR), Voice Assistance, Mixed Reality (MR) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital interfaces creating digital solutions for the health & healthcare management. The solution should have contributed directly or indirectly in building good health among masses. The nomination can be submitted by the companies for their best product/solution/experience created for health & healthcare sector with its visible impact.

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Health Tech Innovation

This category is for a new healthcare digital technology innovation launched or working efficiently with visible outcome and impact among masses. The innovation should be unique in terms of transformative technology with extraordinary result in managing health of people.

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Healthcare Automation Solution

This category is for automation products and services utilized in the healthcare delivery system for best outcome and benefits patients, caregivers, administration and communities.

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Electronic Health Record Solution

This category is specifically designed for the companies providing best services in EHR solutions for customized, efficient and compliance-based program for hospitals, medical facilities benefiting patients, healthcare workers and staff. Nominate Now

Digital Technology Solution for Hospitals

This category is for the best performing hospital (Government or private) in terms of utilizing the overall digital information/application systems in any capacity to produce best patient experience and emergency care. Hospitals at national & regional levels with the best scalable outcome can nominate itself. (Mention National or Regional for the location of the hospitals while sending the nomination)

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Digital Technology for Emergency Care

This category is for an exceptional digital solutions companies providing effective and transforming digital solutions for emergency care solutions. Hospitals and medical facilities who have best utilized and applied of digital technology can also apply in this category.

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Digital Health Solution for Women & Child Care

This category is for digital application that has effectively managed women & child health including nutrition, pregnancy, infant & adolescent’s overall health and disease management in urban and rural areas with scalable outcome and impact.

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Digital Health Solution for Mental Health

This category is for the best performing digital healthcare technology targeted to provide mental health and behaviour issues management and solutions with positive outcome and impact.

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Digital Health Solution for Elderly care

This category is for extraordinary elderly care digital solutions in terms of application, screening, health monitoring with substantial outcome and impact.

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Digital Health Solution for Chronic Diseases

This category is for the best performing digital applications to manage chronic diseases with effective data management. Companies providing top-notch digital solutions and medical facilities utilizing technology with optimum results can apply under this category.

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Digital Application in Diagnostics

This category is for the digital application specifically designed to manage public diagnostics systems for efficient, accessible and affordable healthcare benefits to masses as well as hospital diagnostic systems.

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Digital Health Start Ups

This category is for the most promising, innovative and effective digital health startup of 2020-21 with scalable and sustainable impact encompassing important health segments.

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Digital Solution for Rural Healthcare

This category is for the companies making digital application specifically designed to manage patients in rural areas and provide best possible solutions for their treatment and care. It can include treatment of a specific disease or overall healthcare delivery.

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Digital Solution for Medical Skilling

This category is for the best utilization of the digital platform/application to efficiently manage capacity building, skilling, medical training, Continuing Medical Education (CME) and upskilling doctors and healthcare workers for skill upgradation.

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Tele-Health Solution

This category is designed for the best companies providing digital solution for remote patient monitoring or telehealth solutions which includes home telehealth or telemonitoring for inaccessible or far-flung areas thus contributing significantly in ensuring inclusive healthcare delivery.

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Hospital with Best Adaption of Digital Health Technology

The category will recognize the hospital that has leveraged digital health technologies to revolutionize healthcare management and operational efficiency. This award honours the institution that has seamlessly integrated electronic health records, telemedicine, AI-driven diagnostics, and patient engagement platforms, setting a new standard for healthcare in the digital age.

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Diagnostic Brand with Best Adaptation of Digital Health Technology

Commending the diagnostics brand at the forefront of harnessing digital health innovations to redefine medical diagnostics, this category celebrates the brand that has adeptly merged AI- powered analysis, remote monitoring, and data-driven insights, resulting in accurate, timely, and personalized diagnostic solutions that empower healthcare professionals and enhance patient outcomes.

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Pioneering Digital Pharmacies

The category will recognize revolutionary digital pharmacy that has redefined medication access and distribution through innovative online platforms while seamlessly integrating technology, secure transactions, and patient-centric services, ensuring convenient, reliable, and personalized healthcare solutions, all the while maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance.

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Best Use of Drone Technology for Healthcare

The category will honour exemplary utilization of drone technology that has demonstrated exceptional impact and innovation. This award recognizes the entity that has leveraged drones to revolutionize the healthcare industry, pushing the boundaries of the impact that drones can achieve in today's dynamic technological landscape.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

The category will celebrate companies that excel in developing technology for remote monitoring and management of patients' health thereby ensuring better health surveillance and disease management.

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Digital Solutions Public Awareness Campaigns

This category is for the best performing health campaigns for public awareness and advocacy through digital media for mass impact. The nominations can be submitted by pharmaceutical companies, social organizations, communication & advertising agencies in terms of best digital campaigns, advertisements, publications or online portals in health & healthcare segments for specific diseases and therapies with visible impact on masses in multiple.

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Digital Solutions for Diseases Management

This category is specifically designed to highlight the best utilization of digital application in managing various NCDs, other specific diseases benefiting people at large even in states and at regional level. Companies and organization utilizing digital solution can nominate their focused areas with the name of the disease with its positive impact.

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Personal Healthcare

Mobile Health Application

This category is specifically designed for the best performing healthcare mobile application in fitness, medical, research, general & diseases specific health monitoring or management, and wellness areas with visible outcome and impact in multiple health management systems.

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Personal Digital Health Devices (Wearable)

This category is for the companies involved in developing and running the businesses of making health devices, applications for managing health activities, fitness trackers, Emergency Response System, Remote Monitoring of blood pressure, glucose and others, Sleep Tracking, Smart Patch, Scale or Smart Watches, Sensors and other miscellaneous personal Digital Health Devices that manage good health and wellbeing.

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At-home Digital Health Monitoring Devices

This category is designed for companies manufacturing digital products or providing at-home digital health monitoring solutions. These devices may include blood pressure monitors, glucometer, pulse oximeter, ECG + stethoscope, scale, continuous health monitoring solutions and other new products and solutions.

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Individual Achievements

Digital Health Leader (Individual)

This category is for an individual who has made substantial contributions in the field of digital health innovation by introducing revolutionary digital technology, running the most effective commercial business/initiative/social business/startups and has the ability to create massive impact among masses for better health.

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3rd IHW Digital Health Awards 2024 Process

  • In its third phase, IHW Digital Health Awards 2024 platform would cater to various categories for companies, organisations and individuals to nominate their initiatives, projects, products and ideas for the acknowledgement and rewards.
  • The eminent Jury of the Awards would evaluate the screened entries and propose to announce the final winners in various selected categories.
  • The finalist would be rewarded by the dignitaries from the health, healthcare & wellbeing space at a grand physical event which will be widely covered by online and other national media houses.
  • We will be giving out Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in each category. Our expert panel will evaluate entries using a scale of 1 to 10 points, focusing on Project Ideas/Work done, Impact, and Scalability.
  • -Gold awards will go to those who score 81% and above score.
    -Silver awards will be given to those who score between 66% and 80%.
    -Bronze awards will be given to those who score between 50% and 65%.
  • All the winners and innovative digital solutions and people associated with these initiatives would be further promoted and highlighted through IHW Council’s advocacy missions.

Terms & Conditions

On the due participation in the IHW Digital Health Awards, the participants understand and agree to the followings:
  • All the awards/ prizes honoured/ distributed by the Award Management has been arrived on the sole and unbiased conclusions made by the Independent Jury and IHW Digital Health Awards team through a fair evaluation process and such acts of the Award Management shall not in any way amount to any discrimination to any person/parties thereon.
  • The participant elects to voluntarily participate in the event with full knowledge and thereby declare that all information, facts and materials provided by them is as per the given eligibility for the purposes of their participation are true and best to their knowledge irrespective of any country or region
  • The Award Management shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage, action, claim, cost or expenses, or any injury to any party/ person which may arise as a consequence of their participation in this event.
  • The Award Management reserves its rights to post/ publish any images/ photographs taken at the Awards function and such images / pictures shall become the sole property of the Award Managements.
  • The Award Management shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly for injuries and damages that may arise out of or in connection with any wrongful information, misrepresentation or corroborated facts disclosed by the Participants.
  • The Award Management will not bear/reimburse any cost of nominee company/organization, individual or group of people participating at the award distribution ceremony (in case event is held on ground)
  • By participating in the IHW Digital Health Awards, participants and entries agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations and the decisions of the IHW Council Awards organizing committee, as final.
  • All decisions of the Awards Jury with respect to any aspect of the IHW Digital Health Awards, including and not limited to, eligibility of entries and any discrepancies or inconsistencies, are final and binding on all entrants in all matters as they relate to these Awards.
  • All entries and documents submitted to participate are not returnable and the organizing committee retains the right to the information.
  • The awards are non-transferable.
  • The entry fee for participation is non-refundable.
  • All IHW Digital Health Awards intellectual property, including but not limited to trade- marks, trade-names, logos, designs, promotional materials, web pages, source codes, drawing, illustrations, slogans and representations are owned by the IHW Media Pvt. Ltd., the owner of the IHW Digital Health Awards and event. Unauthorized copying or use of any copyrighted material or intellectual property without the express written consent is strictly prohibited.


  • Any organization/institute participating in the Awards should be an Indian entity with a registered presence in India and must provide their Certificate of Incorporation mandatorily
  • The initiative should have been completely executed in India
  • There are no minimum years of operations applicable for organizations participating, however the Certificate of Incorporation is a mandatory document to be submitted
  • The initiative/ project should have been launched in the period April 01, 2021 to March 31, 2022 with impact demonstrated and results showcased by initiative/ project in the period April 01, 2022 to March 31, 2024
  • The initiative must be undertaken by going beyond the mandatory accreditations/regulatory requirements as applicable
  • For Start-ups, the organization must have been incorporated for up to 5 years as on March 31, 2024.
  • The initiative nominated/ applied must be developed within the participating Organization. An Organization cannot participate on behalf of its sister units; parent organization or other organizations under the parent organization
  • The Applicant should not be a winner of the Award in any of the previous years for the same initiative/ innovation
  • The final eligibility of the Participant will be subject to the discretion and approval of the Awards Management and Jury
  • The Award categories may be changed/modified / split / merged/increased or cancelled by the Awards Management and/or Jury based on the number of entries received in any category, and the quality of the entries. The decision in this regard will be final, non- contestable, and binding on all participants. The Awards management will not entertain any queries in this regard

NOTE – The Jury holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever