World of Wellbeing (WOW)

World of Wellbeing (WoW) is a network of experienced and compassionate professionals with expertise in Social and Emotional Skill Learning and Development (SESLD). 

The team comes together to create awareness and understanding among everyone especially in growing and maturing minds to be socially and emotionally thoughtful and intelligent, thus paving the way for lifelong happiness and holistic wellbeing.

It is a team that focuses on building personal wellbeing, cohesion with society and cooperation with the future.

This team gives voice to the wellness movement, always keeping in mind the values of care, kindness and positive outlook.

 What We Do?

Keeping in mind that wellbeing can be taught, learnt, practiced, imbibed and made a way of life,  what we do at WOW is:

  • Promote better and healthier living through providing a platform to share principles of balance, awareness and learning.
  • Build Emotional Skills of Happiness, Mindfulness, Positive Thinking and Resilience.
  • Encourage Physical well-being by practicing active and nature inspired lifestyle, boosting healthy eating, enriching nutrition and promoting sustainability
  • Develop Social wellbeing by practicing gratitude, building meaningful and enriching relationships, managing work life connections and deal with technology judiciously.
  • Foster a culture of compassion, equality, kindness, care and making positive impact on other people’s lives.

How We Do?

The WOW team leverages structured training programs for children, young people,  adults and families through webinars,  symposiums, panel discussions,  workshops,  seminars,  experience sharing,  anecdotes,  creative storytelling,  interactive activities,  Instruction Led Trainings,  self-study,  role-modeling,  mock plays,  games etc.

Inspired by the Noble Eightfold Path from Buddhism, WoW programs adopt the EIGHT-DIMENTIONAL MODEL OF WELLBEING AND HAPPINESS that inspires holistic and fulfilling living for all.

 WOW Programs

 Supported By

IHW Council is a not for profit organization that works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier world. Set up in response to a strong call to bridge the gaps in preventive healthcare and environmental protection, the Council advocate’s adherence to the highest standards accepted internationally in healthcare. With the core belief that health is a human right and not only the responsibility of the individual, the Council raises pressing concerns in the healthcare fraternity and engages policy makers, key government officials, academia, industry, health care experts and civil society.