Shapath 1000 days

Women’s & child health remains a priority advocacy area for the IHW Coucheap custom jerseys cowboys jersey jordan nike air popular sex toys wigs shop nike air max 90 nike air jordan mid wig store cheap nfl jerseys adidas yeezy shoes nike air max 270 custom nfl jerseys adidas yeezy shoes nfl com shop nike air max terrascape 90 rattan ncil mission even during the COVID pandemic. With the commitment to eradicate Malnutrition and Anemia from India which is impacting 14 per cent undernourished Indians, 34.7 per cent stunted and 20 per cent wasting children and further monitor and prevent it, the IHW Council along with a committed leadership has come together to launch the project SHAPATH 1000 Days on 24th January 2021 with other strong advocacy missions and rewarding platform to cement a Path for Healthy Women Healthy Child and contributing in realizing the vision of our Prime Minister of a Poshan Yukt, Anemia Mukt,  Swasth and  Ayushman Bharat.

Currently, women in India face issues like malnutrition, lack of maternal health, diseases like AIDS, Breast Cancer, Anemia, and many more which ultimately affect the aggregate economy’s output. Addressing the gender, class or ethnic disparities that exist in healthcare and improving the health outcomes can contribute to quality human capital and physical and emotional well-being. Although India has witnessed dramatic growth over the last two decades, maternal mortality still remains high as in comparison to many developing nations.