Sucheta Kadethankar

Yoga, Movement and Lifestyle Coach

Sucheta has completed her graduation in History and then further education in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is passionate about outdoor sports and that made her the First Indian woman to walk across the Gobi Desert. She covered 1600 km desert walk in 51 days in July 2011. Now, Sucheta is a certified Yoga Teacher and a Life Coach. She has recently completed her Yoga Philosophy studies from Oxford University. She is trained in REBT. She is a TEDx Speaker. Co-Founder and Director of a Sports company which is India’s leading provider of RFID based timing solutions for endurance sports events. She is also the Founder of Koham Fit – a movement-based fitness studio.

Sucheta believes that if we can manage and control our different body movements, we can achieve great physical and mental fitness. She has developed a fitness regime called BODY BODH especially for young kids.