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About the India Against Anemia Summit 2021

The Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council of India; a prestigious health & wellbeing advocacy institution under its mission SHAPATH 1000Days in association with ARTIST for Her, WWW Foundation and Nutrition India Program is organizing India Against Anemia Summit 2021, 10th April 2021, with much needed commitment to reduce the burden of Malnutrition and conquer Anemia in India.

This global platform in India will bring together government & private institutions, national & international organizations, experts & professionals supporting the government missions and fighting anemia battle in the country.   The virtual event will discuss & highlight importance of quality nutrition for infant, adolescents and women, timely intervention, point of care strategies to collaborate and combat iron deficiency Anemia, review existing government policies and propose an effective framework to monitor, prevent, fight and conquer Anemia. The role and impact of the private organizations at the regional level will also be briefly discussed. The forum will also propose and advocate 10th April as an official National Anemia Day to bring all stakeholders together to achieve the goals for reducing and eradicating all types of Anemia from India.



India’s Fight Against Anaemia India

The opening session would put a light on the impact of Government Schemes and effective working model in the States and UTs of India, and understand penetration at the regional and rural areas. How a better policy framework can help in fighting the battle through combined efforts?


Intervention for nutrition-specific framework to achieve quality nutrition for women, child and adolescents 

India being the richest nation in natural resources and agriculture, still people are malnourished and do not have access to quality food. This session will highlight the importance of awareness and understanding of the right nutrition at all stages of life for women, children and adolescents. How better food practices and long term awareness of good food can contribute to positive health of a nation.

Government & Private Collaboration for regional penetration 

India carries the highest burden of the disease despite having an anaemia control programme for 50 years. This session will highlight and discuss the strategic intervention of private and social organizations in implementing government schemes and impact of such collaboration in achieving the national mission. How some better prevention, diagnostic and care program can be launched, managed together for a permanent positive change in the anaemia statistics of India.

Effective Communication & Awareness to combat malnutrition and anemia 

India, with one of the best communication portfolio in the world had many successful communication strategies to deliver some of the most critical national messages across the nation. Starting from Pulse Polio Program to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, and Swastha Banega India, effective communication approach plays a pivotal role in changing the mind set of masses to adopt good practices in the diverse country like India. This session will bring together the key stakeholders and creative minds together to offer best possible communication solutions for anaemia awareness program of India.

Key Highlights of the Summit

  • Insight on the Government schemes & policy framework, Role of private organizations in accelerating the National Missions of Healthy Women and Healthy Child
  • Participation of Government & private organization, national & international institutions  actively involved in the mission, key stakeholders and professional
  • Understanding the Urban and Rural India Penetration of the existing framework at State and community level and involvement of health leaders and grassroots level organizations
  • Collaboration of Government, private & social organizations, various stakeholders, health & nutrition experts and media targeting Good Food and nutrition for women in pregnancy , child & adolescent
  • Advocacy and national commitment by announcing 10th April as National Anemia Day to  achieve the goals of reducing and eradicating Iron deficiency Anemia from India
  • Digital Media Platform – To increase the reach among masses and vulnerable, utilizing the power of IHW Council Social Media platforms

An Initiative By

IHW Council is a not for profit organization that works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier world. Set up in response to a strong call to bridge the gaps in preventive healthcare and environmental protection, the Council advocate’s adherence to the highest standards accepted internationally in healthcare. With the core belief that health is a human right and not only the responsibility of the individual, the Council raises pressing concerns in the healthcare fraternity and engages policy makers, key government officials, academia, industry, health care experts and civil society.



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