Technology in the last two decades has revolutionized and transformed the way healthcare is delivered worldwide. It has greatly aided patients and providers alike by enhancing the quality of delivery, reduction in turnaround time of workflows and thus the overall cost, besides bringing in higher accountability into the system. Advancements in medical technology are playing a positive role in saving lives. Increasing importance of digital health and technologies has given much needed focus to Good Health & lifestyle, Good Food & Nutrition awareness among masses and contributed immensely to the health & wellbeing of billions.

In August 2020, Under the Prime Minister Narender Modi, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, established the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) and also introduced National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) to transition into integrated digital services in a comprehensive and holistic manner with an aim to provide the necessary support for integration of digital health infrastructure in the country. Amid government’s rollout of the National Digital Health Mission, private digital healthcare companies and social organizations are making an entry into the sector.

Integrated Health & Wellbeing council of India is initiating a lasting rewarding and recognition platform; IHW Digital Health Awards under its ambit of Hi5 advocacy missions for institutions, organizations, companies and individual in digital health space. IHW Digital Health Awards are thoughtfully designed and initiated to identify and recognize the remarkable contribution of government & private institutions, companies, social entrepreneurs and individuals in the digital health, healthcare and environment market space covering wide gamut of new initiatives and ventures into waste management, pollution control, clean air, alternative fuels & renewable energy, e-mobility and much more actively operational towards developing a holistic health environment and wellbeing for masses. The awards would definitely encourage new innovations & technology, ideas, startups and promptness of health delivery mechanism through digital ecosystem of IoT, AI, 3D Printing and Robotics.

IHW Digital Health Awards Process

In its first phase, IHW Digital Health Awards platform would cater to various COVID19 and general categories for companies, organizations and individuals to nominate their initiatives, projects, products and ideas for the acknowledgement and rewards.

The eminent Jury of the Awards would evaluate the screened entries and propose to announce the final winners in various selected categories.

The finalist would be rewarded by the dignitaries from the health, healthcare & wellbeing space on a grand virtual platform widely covered by online and other national media houses.

All the winners and innovative digital solutions and people associated with these initiatives would be further promoted and highlighted through IHW Council’s advocacy missions.

IHW Digital Health Awards Categories

COVID-19 Categories

These categories are specifically created for the individuals and companies involved in providing outstanding digital solutions to fight COVID 19 pandemic in various fields. Each category must present COVID 19 focus and scalable results.

  • COVID19 Solution for Mental Health
  • COVID19Response Solutions
  • COVID19 Telecommunications Solution
  • COVID19 Software Solution
  • COVID19 Remote Monitoring Solution
  • COVID19 Training Solution
  • COVID19 Virtual Clinic Support
  • COVID19 Most Innovative Solution
  • COVID19 Community Care Solution

General Digital Health Categories

These categories are designed to highlight the digital contribution of companies, organizations and individual for general applications. In case the initiative or products is also actively contributing in fighting COVID19 pandemic, it can be applied in both categories; COVID 19 and General Categories.

Healthcare Technology Solution of the Year

This category is for the best performing healthcare technology solution/program/initiative with outstanding contribution round the year, scalable outcome and impact.

New Health Tech Innovation of the Year

This category is for the best performing new healthcare technology innovation launched or working efficiently round the year with scalable outcome and impact.

Digital Transformation Project of the Year

This category is for the best performing consumer directed digital project in the healthcare sector with the capability to transform good health among masses.

Mobile Health Application

This category is for the best performing healthcare mobile application with scalable outcome and impact.

Personal Digital Health Solution (Wearable)

This category is for the companies involved in developing and running the business or initiative of Activities, Fitness trackers, Emergency Response System, Remote Monitoring of blood pressure, glucose and other, Sleep Tracking, Smart Patch, Scale or Smart Watches, Sensors and other miscellaneous Digital Health device.

Artificial Intelligence Solution

This category is for the best Artificial Intelligence application solution in healthcare with scalable outcome and impact.

Healthcare Information System

This category is for the best performing healthcare information systems utilized by the healthcare institutions or facilities with scalable outcome.

Virtual Reality

This category is for the best performing virtual reality platforms, initiatives or projects designed for the health and healthcare sector with profound results and impact.

Acute Care Technology

This category is for the best performing acute care technological solution for the healthcare sector with positive outcome and impact in managing specific disease.

Communication Solution

This category is for the best performing communication agenacies in terms of advertisement, public relation, publications or online portals in health & healthcare sectors with visible impact on masses in multiple segment.

Robotic Technology

This category is specifically designed to highlight Robotic Technology contribution of companies/organizations in the healthcare sector.

Woman’s Health Technology Solution

This category is for the best performing healthcare technology solution for women’s health with scalable outcome and impact.


Elderly Care Technology Solution

This category is for the best performing elderly care technology solution in terms of initiative, project or products with scalable outcome and impact.

Chronic Diseases Digital Solution

This category is for the best performing healthcare technology solution for women’s health with scalable outcome and impact.


Mental & Behaviour Health Technology Solution

This category is for the best performing healthcare technology solution targeted to overall mental health of people with scalable outcome and impact.

Healthcare Management Solution

This category is for the overall healthcare management solution technology transforming healthcare supporting infrastructure, facilities or hospitals.

Digital Health Transformer Startup

This category is for the most popular and effective digital health startup of 2020-21 with scalable and sustainable impact transforming any health segment.

Consumer Wellness

This category is for the best new wellness digital health products or services aimed at consumers in all segments.

Digital Application in Hospital Diagnostics

This category is for the digital application specifically designed to manage hospital diagnostic systems for efficient utilization of resources and patients benefits.

Digital Application in Diagnostics

This category is for the digital application specifically designed to manage public diagnostics systems for efficient and economical utilization and benefits to masses.

Digital Application in Patients Care

This category is for the digital application designed to manage patients care & prevention and care segment for efficient utilization and benefits to vulnerable.

Digital Application in Rural Penetration

This category is for the digital application specifically designed to manage patients care for rural areas penetration in the prevention and care segment.

Digital Health Leader (Individual)

This category is for an individual who has made substantial contributions in the field of digital health innovation.


  • Jury will have right to directly nominate any deserving name at their own capacity
  • The same will be supported with documents and relevant project, initiative, work undertaken by a company, organization or individual during this period
  • These Awards will be in the category of Jury Awards
  • These are simply either by the Jury or people/companies not able to file the nomination due to any circumstances and have the capability and credential to be acknowledged and rewarded
  • The Jury Awards category is not limited to any region, country or geographical location
  • Jury has right to nominate and reward people and organizations globally

Who Can Participate

  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
  • Associations / Professional Society / Non-Profit
  • Businesses — Less than or 500+ employees
  • Consumer Product and Services Companies
  • Consulting, Management & Knowledge Companies
  • Diagnostic Companies
  • Equipment/ Products Manufacturers
  • Educational Institution (College or University / Professional School / Secondary School)
  • ERP Companies/Organizations
  • Government (State/Regional/ District/Village/Aanganwadi/Local)
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Health System/Infrastructure/Facilities providers
  • Hospital — under or more than 250 beds
  • Health & Wellness Services Providers
  • Investment and Finding Companies, Individuals and Organizations
  • Medical Equipment / Device Manufacturer
  • Media / Publishing
  • Medical Communications Agency
  • Not for Profit Organization in Health & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Pharmacy / Drug Stores
  • Physicians / Medical Practices
  • Software/Application/backhand and Program Developers and Promoters
  • Individuals, Startups and other / Miscellaneous as per the initiative/products in each categories



  • The applicant organization must be a registered company or CSR foundation/trust or an implementing partner for the projects/initiatives/products/services in their respective countries/regions
  • The applicant entity must have active legal status as company/NGO/trust and be registered in their country or region
  • All Foreign Companies and firms with ongoing projects/initiatives/products/services in India can apply their initiatives


While filling the nomination, please make sure that you also submit the following supporting documents with the nomination entry: The supporting documents can include the following:

  • Power Point Presentations of the project
  • Brief of the overall project in words format
  • Certificates/registration of the project
  • Audit of the project
  • Photographs of the project (Maximum 3)
  • Video Links
  • Name of the project head and key team members
  • Any other relevant documents that support the application and claims
  • Previously claimed awards or recognition


  • All the above information is only used for the internal assessment process
  • Applicants must indicate “Confidential” and highlight the same within the document in case they do not want to share such information to any third party or any public domain other than the IHW Digital Health Awards Team
  • The Presentation/movie clip could be shown at the Awards programme in case your entry is judged the winner.
  • The total size of the documents should not be above 10 MB.


On the due participation in the IHW Digital Health Awards, the participants understand and agree to the followings:

  • All the awards/ prizes honored/ distributed by the organizer has been arrived on the sole and unbiased conclusions made by the Independent Jury and IHW Digital Health Awards team through a fair evaluation process and such acts of the organizer shall not in any way amount to any discrimination to any person/parties thereon.
  • The participant elects to voluntarily participate in the event with full knowledge and thereby declare that all information, facts and materials provided by them is as per the given eligibility for the purposes of their participation are true and best to their knowledge irrespective of any country or region
  • The organizer shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage, action, claim, cost or expenses, or any injury to any party/ person which may arise as a consequence of their participation in this event.
  • The organizer reserves its rights to post/ publish any images/ photographs taken at the Awards function and such images / pictures shall become the sole property of the organizers.
  • The organizer shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly for injuries and damages that may arise out of or in connection with any wrongful information, misrepresentation or corroborated facts disclosed by the Participants.
  • The organizer will not bear/reimburse any cost of nominee company/organization, individual or group of people participating at the award distribution ceremony (in case event is held on ground)
  • By participating in the IHW Digital Health Awards, participants and entries agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations and the decisions of the IHW Council Awards organizing committee, as final.
  • All decisions of the Awards Jury with respect to any aspect of the IHW Digital Health Awards, including and not limited to, eligibility of entries and any discrepancies or inconsistencies, are final and binding on all entrants in all matters as they relate to these Awards.
  • All entries and documents submitted to participate are not returnable and the organizing committee retains the right to the information.
  • The awards are non-transferable.
  • The entry fee for participation is non-refundable.
  • All IHW Digital Health Awards intellectual property, including but not limited to trade-marks, trade-names, logos, designs, promotional materials, web pages, source codes, drawing, illustrations, slogans and representations are owned by the IHW Media Pvt. Ltd., the owner of the IHW Digital Health Awards and event. Unauthorized copying or use of any copyrighted material or intellectual property without the express written consent is strictly prohibited.
  • The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit the entry form.
  • The entire event and its proceedings would be held virtually on various social media handles of IHW Council and may be other partners and associates in the year 2021 due to COVID19 Pandemic. In case of any change in dates, virtual IDs or venue would be informed to the participants well in advance

 An Initiative By

IHW Council is a not for profit organization that works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier world. Set up in response to a strong call to bridge the gaps in preventive healthcare and environmental protection, the Council advocate’s adherence to the highest standards accepted internationally in healthcare. With the core belief that health is a human right and not only the responsibility of the individual, the Council raises pressing concerns in the healthcare fraternity and engages policy makers, key government officials, academia, industry, health care experts and civil society.  


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