Cancer risk is constantly on the rise with more than 1.16 million new cases, 784,800 deaths, and 2.26 million 5-year prevalent cases in the country’s population of 1.35 billion. India’s economic development has given rise to vast socio-economic changes, with an increasing risk of non-communicable diseases, including cancer, and significant disparities in access to cancer prevention and control service.

Globally, Cancer is the second leading cause of death, accounting for approximately 70 percent of mortalities in low- and middle-income countries. In 2018, 17 million new cases of cancer were newly diagnosed and an estimated 9.6 million people died due to cancer. An estimated 27.5 million new cases of cancer are projected to emerge each year by 2040. Moreover, COVID19 pandemic created unrest among cancer patients and challenges to Oncologists to copping up with stress and difficulties in treatment. Lakhs of people in India suffer from cancer of the lung, oral, breast, stomach, cervix, liver, prostate, and blood cancer. Other cancers that tend to occur are of the skin, bladder, and esophagus, and the cancer mortality is high in India. Genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy lifestyles, and poor immune systems, environmental factors, delayed diagnosis and the lack of medical facilities can invite various types of cancers. This happens owing to the lack of awareness regarding this deadly disease. It is the need of the hour to educate people about the treatment, symptoms, detection and prevention, inform about regular screening and check-ups, include the ill-effects of cancer in the syllabus for children, conduct drives, campaign and initiatives and dispel myths regarding cancer.

After the successful first edition in 2020, Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council; a not for, profit institution in India dedicated towards creating a positive synergy among people regarding health & wellbeing is organizing the Second Edition of Cancer Summit 2021, Thursday, 4th February 2021. The mega interactive awareness platform will observe the World Cancer Day and witness Ministries, Government bodies, Health Department & Institutes, Hospitals, Experts, Technology, Equipment, Services & Solutions providers directly & indirectly involved in Cancer Risk, Diagnosis, Survival, Treatment & Medication and post Cancer therapies. The summit will be a meaningful knowledge sharing and networking platform for the key stakeholder, experts and thought leaders from various sectors of Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologist and healthcare ecosystem involved in Caner treatment to discuss the current situation, challenges and advancements relating to the standard comprehensive cancer care and ensure that Cancer does not become a major drain on individual and national productivity and resources.


India’s Mission to Fight Cancer

Highlighting existing government policies, schemes, initiatives and Infrastructure in India including benefits through PM-JAY. Awareness programs and preventive measure in controlling all types of cancers. Understanding state government approach through various schemes and infrastructure to fight and control the cancer

New Technology, Advancement and Way Forward

Presenting and discussing new technology available and advancement to prevent, diagnose, cure and care for all types of Cancer effecting millions of Indian.

 Diagnostic & Pathological Parameters for Breast and Various Other Cancers

Innovation and solution in diagnosis of various cancers including breast cancer, the impact of delayed diagnosis and lack of medical facilities in inviting various types of cancers. Further, understanding the pain points of survivors during COVID-19.

Role of Nutrition, Lifestyle & Awareness to Fight Cancer

Good Food, Micro & Macro Nutrient play a significant role in fighting cancer and protect us from various non-communicable diseases. The session will give a complete insight on the good food and the role of nutrient in preventing and treating cancer


Effective Personalized Therapies and Palliative Care

The session will highlight the role of existing and new therapies & treatment in cancer care, understanding of government palliative care policies and the non-government actions by the community for quality of care on the national level and education of professionals for public awareness and overall improvement in access to palliative care in India. Further, measure the impact and struggle of providing services during COVID-19.

Open Session: Case Studies and One To One with Survivors


IHW Council is a not for profit organization that works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier world. Set up in response to a strong call to bridge the gaps in preventive healthcare and environmental protection, the Council advocate’s adherence to the highest standards accepted internationally in healthcare. With the core belief that health is a human right and not only the responsibility of the individual, the Council raises pressing concerns in the healthcare fraternity and engages policy makers, key government officials, academia, industry, health care experts and civil society.  

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Past IHW Council Partners

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Cancer E-Summit 2021

India Fights Cancer

4th February 2021

After the successful first edition in 2020, Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council; a not for, profit institution in India dedicated towards creating a positive synergy among people regarding health & wellbeing, is organizing the Second Edition of Cancer Summit 2021, Thursday, 4th February 2021.