The innovation in the Indian biopharmaceutical industry, has been always at the forefront to introduced entirely new generation of therapies, diagnostic and treatment capabilities. The advancements ushered by the biopharmaceutical industry is a significant step to improve the growing burden of global health needs.

India’s biopharmaceutical industry has gained global attention by its remarkable demonstration in a wide range of biopharmaceutical products like vaccines, recombinant insulin, blood products and many more. With a growing presence of multiple clusters across the country, India’s production capacity has grown manifold with India catering to a large proportion of global demand of biopharmaceutical productions seen with a tremendous increase in its export sales.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, India stood up to the expectation of ‘pharmacy to the world’ and fulfilled the global demand by becoming one of the largest exporters of vaccines. The data by the Ministry of External Affairs concludes that India exported 66 million doses of indigenous COVID-19 vaccine to other countries, catering to a huge global demand of 95 countries, hence demonstrating India’s potential to emulate the global leadership in the field of biologic research. This was largely facilitated by the conducive ecosystem in biopharmaceuticals with regard to the cost efficiency, highly skilled workforce, research collaborations and government initiatives.

About The Summit

The Summit will pave the way towards an informed discourse for understanding the favourable ecosystem for biologics which are instrumental in expanding access to treatment for populations who need these therapies but are unable to access them today.

The forum will showcase recent innovations and trends, and directly discuss practical challenges and solutions, from a technical, logistical, and regulatory perspective. The impact of upcoming policy & regulations, manufacturing trends will be showcased and integrated throughout the summit program and panel discussions.

Bio Pharma Summit

In order to highlight the remarkable achievements of the Indian biopharmaceutical industry and create a framework for working towards establishing a conducive ecosystem for tapping the innovation in biotechnology-based treatments, the Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council; a not for profit health advocacy institution aligned with UN holistic approach to Sustainable Development Goals, is organizing The Bio Pharma Innovation Summit, 18th January, 2021, New Delhi.

The One-day summit will bring together government, policy makers and regulatory authority, leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers, technology providers, innovators, academic scientists, researchers, and international regulators to network, share insights and provide an outlook on the evolving landscape and future need for innovation and advancement in Bio Pharma in India mapping global scenario.

The Bio Pharma Innovation Summit would be a hybrid event with the physical as well as virtual presence of the key stakeholders from Government and private organizations, and whos’ who from the health, medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Global Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry in India

Focus areas of discussion: A perspective on the global positioning of India as a biopharmaceutical player. India’s regulatory approach and evolution towards biotechnology-based drugs. The panelists would deliberate upon the implementation challenges and solutions; international best practices; issues such as clinical trials, patents; capacity Planning towards expanding the manufacturing of biotechnology-based drugs

BioPharmaceutical Innovation in Maternal Health

With alarmingly high maternal and child mortality at the time of its independence, India has come a long way. A multi stakeholder approach facilitated by the government’s focused policy interventions played an important role on this front. A significant contribution was made by the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry that has continued to thrive on people’s health centric innovations

Development and Innovation of Biopharmaceutical Products

In this panel, the stakeholders would discuss ways in leveraging emerging technologies to increase time efficiency from inception to commercialization with rigorous research efforts. Also, how India can unlock its capacity towards innovation in biopharmaceutical drugs through research funding, collaborations, policy framework and regulatory support. In this regard, the initiatives by the government to drive more innovations and develop biotechnology-based drug market development assume a primary importance.

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