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April 19 being celebrated as the World Liver Day worldwide, the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council, a not-for-profit institution in India, dedicated to building a positive synergy among people regarding health and wellbeing is organising the Liver Health Summit in the month of April this year. The unique interactive awareness platform will also observe both World Liver Day and World Hepatitis Day and highlight the achievements and preventive care for liver-related diseases including Liver cancer. Through the Liver Health Summit, the IHW Council is committed to putting in place a meaningful and enriching knowledge-sharing and networking platform for doctors, medical experts key stakeholders, partners, government, and other non-governmental bodies. The experts will throw light to discuss the current situation, challenges, comprehensive liver care, and, most importantly, spread awareness about various types of liver-related diseases.


Burden of Liver Diseases Worldwide – A Public Health Priority

Every year, liver diseases account for over 2 million deaths worldwide, the majority being from complications of cirrhosis, hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma, and liver cancer respectively. It is in this context; there is the need of the hour to shed light on the life-threatening liver ailments and increase the awareness of the public, healthcare professionals and public health authorities to encourage active policies for early management that will decrease the short- and long-term public health burden of these diseases. The opening session involving leading hepatologists, oncologists, healthcare experts, and stakeholders will throw light on the major, neglected global health problem that requires urgent action.

Liver Cancer: A Rising Burden

Globally, Liver Cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide. The primary causes of liver cancer include hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), alcohol consumption, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and other factors. To put things in perspective, liver cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer after lung, colon, and rectum cancers respectively, and in 2020, liver cancer resulted in about 830,000 deaths worldwide. The opening discussion will involve leading doctors, liver experts, healthcare doyens to discuss the rising cases of liver cancer worldwide and if not tackled, cases of liver cancer are expected to rise substantially by 2040. The discussion will also throw light on the advances in science and clinical management as far as treating liver cancer cases are concerned and what we need to do more to tackle this rising burden.

New Infrastructure and Technologies for Liver Treatment

Over the last few decades, while liver-related ailments have spiked globally, there have been massive transformations as far as infrastructures and treatments are concerned. While liver transplant remains a major form of treatment to treat cases related to acute liver failure, some novel approaches are such as ‘Biomarkers and Imaging Techniques’, ‘Pharmacotherapy’, ‘Gene Therapy’, and liver assist devices hold promise for potential cure of liver diseases. Similarly, when it comes to solid infrastructure in treating liver-related ailments in developing countries like India, the country has faced a few challenges in terms of shortage of organs or robust network of liver-transplant facilities across the country. To put things in perspective, as liver ailments in India have gone up over the years, so has the wide gap between patients who need transplants and the organs that are readily available. It is also worth noting that the Government of India, recently, operationalised guidelines to integrate Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) into the National Programme for Prevention & Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS), a step towards addressing India’s non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

It is in this light, the following session aims to dissect these new approaches and the need of solid infrastructure, that will not only help in the prevention and control but also revolutionise the treatment of liver and biliary diseases.

Who Should Attend

• Hepatologists
• Radiologists
• Oncologists
• Chemotherapists
• Liver Institutes
• Liver transplant specialists
• Oncology institutes
• Medical Colleges
• Hospitals
• Clinical Care
• Pharmaceuticals
• Insurance Companies
• Diagnostic, Screening, and Imaging Companies
• Government and Private Organisations
• Health Start-ups
• Health investment agencies
• Patient Organisations
• Patient advocates and patients

Summit objectives 

• Understand the burden and create awareness about preventive measures, clinical treatment and therapies of liver-related diseases and liver cancer
• Facilitating interactions and exchange information among liver experts, clinicians, researchers, and patient organisations
• Enabling researchers and clinicians to adopt translational views on liver diseases
• Present new technology and innovation in preventive care related to liver diseases


Eight years journey of the Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council inspired by UN global agenda of holistic approach to Sustainable Development Goals is a great continuous learning experience for us to help improving good health and lifestyle of people at large. We feel extremely proud to drive 9 out of 17 SDG goals through holistic Hi5 health awareness, advocacy and action agenda of the IHW Council. The advocacy and awareness impact around Good health, Good Food, Good Water Good Air & Good Lifestyle we have created through the responsible actions of our missions involving global leaders, Countries, relevant Ministries & Government bodies, Health, environment & education policymakers, medical technology, solutions & services, infrastructure providers, researchers, academia, professionals, health enthusiasts & influencers, key stakeholders and grassroots level organizations is been a sheer passion.

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India Liver Health Summit

April 19 is celebrated as World Liver Day worldwide, the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council, a not-for-profit institution in India, inspired by the UN global agenda of a holistic approach to Sustainable Development Goals is organising India Liver Health Summit 2022. Bringing together a team of doctors & physicians from all around the world to discuss this new lifestyle disease that is slowly taking over our country. Join us LIVE on 19 April 2022 to become a part of the India Liver Health Summit.