The IHW Council endeavors to build a healthier, happier world and believes that to achieve this vision, we need societies conscious of their collective health and individuals inspired for modifying behaviour to promote personal and environmental health.

In today’s extensively connected world, information or message that may positively and negatively impact one’s health or well-being can be relayed to millions of people instantly. Today hundreds of millions of people are making their day-to-day lifestyle decisions based on what they see or hear from their favourite personalities from films, media, or even from the world of social media.

To ensure that this enormous potential impacts people’s lives positively, IHW Council has consistently brought influential people from the entertainment, social sector, art, politics, media, and social media to impact and inspire millions to cultivate healthy lifestyles and practices.

Our Health Ambassadors are the people who have been meaningfully contributing towards influencing the masses for being aware and conscious about availability, accessibility, and sustainability for good air, good food, good healthcare, good lifestyle, and good water, among others for everyone.